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Version: Version 1.0

DCM4CHEE with Docker

  1. Install Docker (

  2. Follow the DCM4CHEE Guidelines for Running on Docker.

    The easiest path is to use Docker-Compose which will start and stop multiple containers for you. There are excellent instructions provided by the DCM4CHEE team on the 'light archive' repository:

    • Create docker-compose.yml and docker-compose.env files
    • Start the containers:
    docker-compose start

    Note: If you are running this on Mac OSX you will probably need to change the default docker-compose.yml file slightly. Specifically, the paths that refer to /var/local/ will likely need to be changed to /opt/

  3. Run the OHIF Viewer or Lesion Tracker using the dcm4cheeDIMSE.json configuration file

    cd OHIFViewerPACKAGE_DIRS="../Packages" meteor --settings ../config/dcm4cheeDIMSE.json

Web Service URLs from DCM4CHEE:#

Original source here: