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Version: Version 2.0

UI Notification Service

Notifications can be annoying and disruptive. They can also deliver timely helpful information, or expedite the user's workflow. Here is some high level guidance on when and how to use them:

  • Notifications should be non-interfering (timely, relevant, important)
  • We should only show small/brief notifications
  • Notifications should be contextual to current behavior/actions
  • Notifications can serve warnings (acting as a confirmation)

If you're curious about the DOs and DON'Ts of notifications, check out this article: "How To Design Notifications For Better UX"



For a more detailed look on the options and return values each of these methods is expected to support, check out it's interface in @ohif/core

API MemberDescription
hide()Hides the specified notification
show()Creates and displays a new notification


Snackbar Provider*SnackbarContainer*

* - Denotes maintained by OHIF

3rd Party implementers may be added to this table via pull requests.