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Version: Version 3.0 ๐Ÿšง

Viewer: Configuration

The OHIF Viewer Platform strives to be highly configurable and extensible. This makes it easier for our community members to keep their "secret sauce" private, and incentives contributions back to the platform. The @ohif/viewer project of the platform is the lynchpin that combines everything to create our application.

We maintain a number of common viewer application configurations at <root>/platform/viewer/public/configs.

You can take a look at how to use different configs in the Environment Variables

window.config = {  routerBasename: '/',  /**   * "White Labeling" is used to change the branding, look, and feel of the OHIF   * Viewer. These settings, and the color variables that are used by our components,   * are the easiest way to rebrand the application.   *   * More extensive changes are made possible through swapping out the UI library,   * Viewer project, or extensions.   */  whiteLabeling: {    /** ... **/  },  httpErrorHandler: {    /** coming soon **/  },  extensions: [],  showStudyList: true,  filterQueryParam: false,  dataSources: [    {      friendlyName: 'dcmjs DICOMWeb Server',      namespace: 'org.ohif.default.dataSourcesModule.dicomweb',      sourceName: 'dicomweb',      configuration: {        name: 'DCM4CHEE',        wadoUriRoot: '',        qidoRoot: '',        wadoRoot: '',        qidoSupportsIncludeField: true,        supportsReject: true,        imageRendering: 'wadors',        thumbnailRendering: 'wadors',        enableStudyLazyLoad: true,        supportsFuzzyMatching: true,        supportsWildcard: true,      },    },  ],};