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Version: Version 3.0 ๐Ÿšง

Module: Panel


The default LayoutTemplate has panels on the left and right sides, however one could make a template with panels at the top or bottom and make extensions with panels intended for such slots.

An extension can register a Panel Module by defining a getPanelModule method. The panel module provides the ability to define menuOptions and components that can be used by the consuming application. components are React Components that can be displayed in the consuming application's "Panel" Component.


The menuOptions's target key, points to a registered components's id. A defaultContext is applied to all menuOptions; however, each menuOption can optionally provide it's own context value.

The getPanelModule receives an object containing the ExtensionManager's associated ServicesManager and CommandsManager.

import PanelMeasurementTable from './PanelMeasurementTable.js';
function getPanelModule({  commandsManager,  extensionManager,  servicesManager,}) {  const wrappedMeasurementPanel = () => {    return (      <PanelMeasurementTable        commandsManager={commandsManager}        servicesManager={servicesManager}      />    );  };
  return [    {      name: 'measure',      iconName: 'list-bullets',      iconLabel: 'Measure',      label: 'Measurements',      isDisabled: studies => {}, // optional      component: wrappedMeasurementPanel,    },  ];}

Consuming Panels Inside Modes#

As explained earlier, extensions make the functionalities and components available and modes utilize them to build an app. So, as seen above, we are not actually defining which side the panel should be opened. Our extension is providing the component with its.

New: You can easily add multiple panels to the left/right side of the viewer using the mode configuration. As seen below, the leftPanels and rightPanels accept an Array of the IDs.

export default function mode({ modeConfiguration }) {  return {    id: 'viewer',    routes: [      {        path: 'longitudinal',        layoutTemplate: ({ location, servicesManager }) => {          return {            id,            props: {              leftPanels: [                'org.ohif.measurement-tracking.panelModule.seriesList',              ],              rightPanels: [                'org.ohif.measurement-tracking.panelModule.trackedMeasurements',              ],              viewports,            },          };        },      },    ],    extensions: [      'org.ohif.default',      'org.ohif.cornerstone',      'org.ohif.measurement-tracking',      'org.ohif.dicom-sr',    ],  };}