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Version: Version 3.0 ๐Ÿšง

Mode: Validity


There are two mechanism for checking the validity of a mode for a study.

  • isValidMode: which is called on a selected study in the workList.
  • validTags


This hook can be used to define a function that return a boolean which decided the validity of the mode based on StudyInstanceUID and modalities that are in the study.

For instance, for pet-ct mode, both PT and 'CT' modalities should be available inside the study.

export default function mode() {  return {    id: '',    displayName: '',    isValidMode: ({ modalities, StudyInstanceUID }) => {      const modalities_list = modalities.split('\\');      const validMode = ['CT', 'PT'].every(modality => modalities_list.includes(modality));      return validMode;    },    /*    ...    */  }}