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Version: 3.9.0-beta.64 (Latest)



Services are "concern-specific" code modules that can be consumed across layers. Services provide a set of operations, often tied to some shared state, and are made available to through out the app via the ServicesManager. Services are particularly well suited to address cross-cutting concerns.

Each service should be:

  • self-contained
  • able to fail and/or be removed without breaking the application
  • completely interchangeable with another module implementing the same interface

In OHIF-v3 we have added multiple non-UI services and have introduced pub/sub pattern to reduce coupling between layers.

Read more about Pub/Sub


The following services is available in the OHIF-v3.

DicomMetadataStoreData ServiceDicomMetadataStore
DisplaySetServiceData ServiceDisplaySetService
segmentationServiceSegmentation ServicesegmentationService
HangingProtocolServiceData ServiceHangingProtocolService
MeasurementService (MODIFIED)Data ServiceMeasurementService
ToolBarServiceData ServiceToolBarService
ViewportGridServiceUI ServiceViewportGridService
Cine ServiceUI Servicecine
CustomizationServiceUI ServicecustomizationService
UIDialogServiceUI ServiceUIDialogService
UIModalServiceUI ServiceUIModalService
UINotificationServiceUI ServiceUINotificationService
UIViewportDialogServiceUI ServiceUIViewportDialogService