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Version: 3.8.0-beta.25 (Latest)



Services are "concern-specific" code modules that can be consumed across layers. Services provide a set of operations, often tied to some shared state, and are made available to through out the app via the ServicesManager. Services are particularly well suited to address cross-cutting concerns.

Each service should be:

  • self-contained
  • able to fail and/or be removed without breaking the application
  • completely interchangeable with another module implementing the same interface

In OHIF-v3 we have added multiple non-UI services and have introduced pub/sub pattern to reduce coupling between layers.

Read more about Pub/Sub


The following services is available in the OHIF-v3.

DicomMetadataStore (NEW)Data ServiceDicomMetadataStore
DisplaySetService (NEW)Data ServiceDisplaySetService
segmentationService (NEW)Segmentation ServicesegmentationService
HangingProtocolService (NEW)Data ServiceHangingProtocolService
MeasurementService (MODIFIED)Data ServiceMeasurementService
ToolBarService (NEW)Data ServiceToolBarService
ViewportGridService (NEW)UI ServiceViewportGridService
Cine Service (NEW)UI Servicecine
CustomizationServiceUI ServicecustomizationService (NEW)
UIDialogServiceUI ServiceUIDialogService
UIModalServiceUI ServiceUIModalService
UINotificationServiceUI ServiceUINotificationService
UIViewportDialogService (NEW)UI ServiceUIViewportDialogService