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Version: Version 3.0 ๐Ÿšง

DisplaySet Service


DisplaySetService handles converting the instanceMetadata into DisplaySet that OHIF uses for the visualization. DisplaySetService gets initialized in the Mode.jsx. During the initialization SOPClassHandlerIds of the modes gets registered with the DisplaySetService.

Based on the instanceMetadata's SOPClassHandlerId, the correct module from the registered extensions is found by OHIF and its getDisplaySetsFromSeries runs to create a DisplaySet for the Series.

init(extensionManager, SOPClassHandlerIds) {  this.extensionManager = extensionManager;  this.SOPClassHandlerIds = SOPClassHandlerIds;  this.activeDisplaySets = [];}

in Mode.jsx

export default function ModeRoute(/** ... **/) {  /** ... **/  const { DisplaySetService } =  const { sopClassHandlers } = mode  /** ... **/  useEffect(    () => {      /** ... **/
      // Add SOPClassHandlers to a new SOPClassManager.      DisplaySetService.init(extensionManager, sopClassHandlers)
      /** ... **/    }    /** ... **/  )  /** ... **/  return <> /** ... **/ </>}


There are three events that get broadcasted in DisplaySetService:

DISPLAY_SETS_ADDEDFires a displayset is added to the displaysets cache
DISPLAY_SETS_CHANGEDFires when a displayset is changed
DISPLAY_SETS_REMOVEDFires when a displayset is removed


Let's find out about the public API for DisplaySetService.

  • EVENTS: Object including the events mentioned above. You can subscribe to these events by calling DisplaySetService.subscribe(EVENTS.DISPLAY_SETS_CHANGED, myFunction). Read more about pub/sub pattern here

  • makeDisplaySets(input, { batch, madeInClient, settings } = {}): Creates displaySet for the provided array of instances metadata. Each display set gets a random UID assigned.

    • input: Array of instances Metadata
    • batch = false: If you need to pass array of arrays of instances metadata to have a batch creation
    • madeInClient = false: Disables the events firing
    • settings = {}: Hanging protocol viewport or rendering settings. For instance, setting the initial voi, or activating a tool upon displaySet rendering. Read more about hanging protocols settings here
  • getDisplaySetByUID: Returns the displaySet based on the DisplaySetUID.

  • getDisplaySetForSOPInstanceUID: Returns the displaySet that includes an image with the provided SOPInstanceUID

  • getActiveDisplaySets: Returns the active displaySets

  • deleteDisplaySet: Deletes the displaySets from the displaySets cache