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Version: Version 3.0 ๐Ÿšง


Data services are the first category of services which deal with handling non-ui related state Each services have their own internal state which they handle.

We have replaced the redux store. Instead we have introduced various services and a pub/sub pattern to subscribe and run, which makes the OHIF-v3 architecture nice and clean.

We maintain the following non-ui Services:

Service Architecture#


We have explained services and how to create a custom service in the ServiceManager section of the docs

To recap: The simplest service return a new object that has a name property, and Create method which instantiate the service class. The "Factory Function" that creates the service is provided with the implementation (this is slightly different for UI Services).

// extensions/customExtension/src/services/backEndService/index.jsimport backEndService from './backEndService';
export default function WrappedBackEndService(serviceManager) {  return {    name: 'myService',    create: ({ configuration = {} }) => {      return new backEndService(serviceManager);    },  };}

A service, once created, can be registered with the ServicesManager to make it accessible to extensions. Similarly, the application code can access named services from the ServicesManager.

Read more of how to design a new custom service and register it