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Version: Version 3.0 ๐Ÿšง

Viewport Grid Service


This is a new UI service, that handles the grid layout of the viewer.


For a more detailed look on the options and return values each of these methods is expected to support, [check out it's interface in @ohif/core][interface]

API MemberDescription
setActiveViewportIndex(index)Sets the active viewport index in the app
getState()Gets the states of the viewport (see below)
setDisplaysetForViewport({ viewportIndex, displaySetInstanceUID })Sets displaySet for viewport based on displaySet Id
setLayout({numCols, numRows})Sets rows and columns
reset()Resets the default states


[ViewportGridProvider]Baked into Dialog Provider

* - Denotes maintained by OHIF


const DEFAULT_STATE = {  // starting from null, hanging  // protocol will defined number of rows and cols  numRows: null,  numCols: null,  viewports: [    /*     * {     *    displaySetInstanceUID: string,     * }     */  ],  activeViewportIndex: 0,}