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Version: Version 3.3 - Segmentation Support 🚧

Release Notes

New OHIF-v3 architecture has made OHIF a general purpose extensible medical imaging platform, as opposed to a configurable viewer.

What's new in OHIF-v3

OHIF-v3 is our second try for a React-based viewer, and is the third version of our medical image web viewers from the start. The summary of changes includes:

  • Addition of workflow modes
    • Often, medical imaging use cases involves lots of specific workflows that re-use functionalities. We have added the capability of workflow modes, that enable people to customize user interface and configure application for specific workflow.
    • The idea is to re-use the functionalities that extensions provide and create a workflow. Brain segmentation workflow is different from prostate segmentation in UI for sure; however, they share the segmentation tools that can be re-used.
    • Our vision is that technical people focus of developing extensions which provides core functionalities, and experts to build modes by picking the appropriate functionalities from each extension.
    • Migrated all the cornerstone-core and cornerstone-tools usage to the newly released Cornerstone3D.
  • UI has been completely redesigned with modularity and workflow modes in mind.
  • New UI components have been built with Tailwind CSS
  • Redux store has been removed from the viewer in favour of services backed by React's Context API

Below, you can find the gap analysis between the OHIF-v2 and OHIF-v3:

OHIF-v2 functionalitiesOHIF-v3Comment
Rendering of 2D images via Cornerstone
Study List
Series Browser
2D Tools via CornerstoneTools
OpenID Connect standard authentication flow for connecting to identity providers
Drag/drop DICOM data into the viewer (see
White-labelling: Easily replace the OHIF Logo with your logo
DICOM PDF support
DICOM Whole-slide imaging viewport🔜In Progress
IHE Invoke Image Display - Standard-compliant launching of the viewer (e.g. from PACS or RIS)🔜Not Started
Displaying non-renderable DICOM as HTML🔜Not Started
Segmentation supportNot Started
RT STRUCT support🔜Not Started
DICOM upload to PACS🔜Not Started
Google Cloud adapter🔜Not Started
VTK Extension + MIP / MPR layout3D rendering and 3D annotation tools via Cornerstone3D
UMD Build (Embedded Viewer). The problem is that this breaks a bunch of extensions that rely on third party scripts (e.g. VTK) which have their own web worker loaders.