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As we are increasing the efforts to make the OHIF platform more robust and up-to-date with the latest software engineering practices, here we are listing the versions of the OHIF platform that we are currently supporting, and the versions that have been deprecated.

Product Version vs Package Version

There are two types of versions that we need to consider here:

  • Product Version: which is the end user visible version of the viewer
  • Package Version: which is the underlying libraries/packages of the platform on npm.

Currently we have three product versions:

  • Version 1 (deprecated): Built with Meteor as a full stack application.
  • Version 2 (master branch): Front end image viewer built with React
  • Version 3 (alpha release): Re-architected Version 2.0 to allow for a more modular and customizable viewer.

As per package versioning, we follow semantic versioning which looks like a.b.c where:

  • a is for major breaking changes
  • b is for new features
  • c is for patches/bug fixes

You can read more semantic versioning here.

Maintained Product Versions

Version 3.1 Cornerstone3D

OHIF Version 3.1 is the next major upcoming release of the OHIF platform. It uses the next generation of the cornerstone library, Cornerstone 3D. We are in the process of performing a parity check between this version and the master branch before we merge it into the master branch. You can read more about the roadmap timelines here.

Version 2.0: Master branch

Currently, the master branch of OHIF is on Product Version 2.0.

Archived Versions

Version 3.0 Cornerstone Legacy

Version 3.0 which uses cornerstone-core and cornerstone-tools for rendering and manipulation/annotation of images.

Version 1.0 Meteor

Deprecated in favor of Version 2.0. Built using full stack Meteor as a full stack application.