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Version: Version 3.0 ๐Ÿšง

Modes: Lifecycle Hooks


Currently there are two hooks that are called for modes:

  • onModeEnter
  • onModeExit


This hook gets run after the defined route has been entered by the mode. This hook can be used to initialize the data, services and appearance of the viewer upon the first render.

For instance, in longitudinal mode we are using this hook to initialize the ToolBarService and set the window level/width tool to be active and add buttons to the toolbar.

export default function mode() {  return {    id: '',    displayName: '',    onModeEnter: ({ servicesManager, extensionManager }) => {      const { ToolBarService } =;
      const interaction = {        groupId: 'primary',        itemId: 'Wwwc',        interactionType: 'tool',        commandOptions: undefined,      };
      ToolBarService.init(extensionManager);      ToolBarService.addButtons(toolbarButtons);      ToolBarService.createButtonSection('primary', [        'MeasurementTools',        'Zoom',        'WindowLevel',        'Pan',        'Capture',        'Layout',        'MoreTools',      ]);    },    /*    ...    */  };}


This hook is called when the viewer navigate away from the route in the url. This is the place for cleaning up data, and services by unsubscribing to the events.

For instance, it can be used to reset the ToolbarService which reset the toggled buttons.

export default function mode() {  return {    id: '',    displayName: '',    onModeExit: ({ servicesManager, extensionManager }) => {      // Turn of the toggled states on exit      const { ToolBarService } =;      ToolBarService.reset();    },    /*    ...    */  };}